Here’s a good solid rant for you all:

I finished this comic at about noon-thirty today. I had started it about three months ago, and had decided to pause to upgrade my Manga Studio from 4 to 5. This was harrowing, as I had to learn everything about installing ‘Thing” without fucking it all up. My hard work payed off, and I emerged unwashed and victorious some five hours after starting the whole process.

I learneded.

Then when I opened the old comic file to work on it I had to learn how to use Manga Studio all over again. The program was more convenient than it’s last incarnation, but only if you take the time to figure it all out. It got less frustrating over time.

I finally finished this fucker today. Then when I went to upload the new comic, I decided (whimfully) that I would follow through with installing Jetpack, something that’s been sitting on my dashboard for months. Apparently it does a bunch of crap I want. I hooked up Akismet okay, but Jetpack refuses to connect to wordpress because of reasons. I spent a great deal of time on the phone with varying customer support to no avail.

At that point I decided that maybe Jetpack won’t work with this old version of WordPress I have running. Maybe I should update my site. I cringed at the memory of what happened last time I updated WordPress: everything was fucked. Whole site had to be rebuilt, all comments and sundries evaporated into the wind.

So this time I set out to backup my files using a plugin that uses Google Drive. Everything during setup went cool. Then I found out the thing wouldn’t backup jack until I went into my Hosting files and changed a single word in a certain place.

My hosting files will not load.

If anyone needs me I will be running naked through the dark woods, screaming wordlessly into the void.

I feel nothing anymore, nothing but animalistic horror.

I’m still waiting for an email from Akismet support. I heard tell they knew how to fix this shitstorm.

Wait, this comic is about knitting. I knit now. Fuck you.