This will probably only be funny if you’ve watched both ‘Captain America the Winter Soldier’ and the Venture Brothers episode ‘the Incredible Mr Brisbee’.

Go, watch those, I’ll wait here.

I regret many things.

I was watching CATWS(Miami), saw our man Steve Rogers kick some shit in an elevator, and thought “Brock Fuckin’ Sampson”.

Naturally, I superimposed Molotov Cocktease’s voice over Bucky for the rest of the movie. Dr Venture as Nick Fury would also be hilarious. Really, Molotov is probably Bucky and Natasha’s lovechild.

Bucks ended up looking like Bolshevic Barbie.


Well, my laptop ate shit some time ago. I had to wait a while and buy a lugtop. Nice one, with the exception of having to deal with Windows 8. I had to work out a ton of bugs before I could even get my tablet and art programs working. Happy computer times now though! It’s pretty wicked to be making comics again.

I moved back to Sitka, got my old job back, got my own apartment and a cat. Money’s been tight, but my friends are good people.

The sun is shining and I’m getting a tattoo touched up later- so life is good.

Beeteedubs: I’m gonna turn off the comment function on my site. If you wanna talk to me, do it on Facebook. There’s just too many spams here.


Buck Rogers here belongs to Marvel, the joke itself belongs to (Venture Brothers on Adult Swim) Doc Hammer and Jackson Public (as far as I know). Both great things. WATCH THEM